Regna - Free Onepage Bootstrap Template

If you are looking for a feature enriched and super responsive agency template, this one-page HTML5 Regna template is for you. It can fit all the Corporate or Business websites on the go. The Bootstrap is a popular CSS framework which makes millions of websites responsiveness on the internet. Regna is the latest Bootstrap 4 that empowers agency template. It does not matter if you are viewing the website from a smartphone or 27" screen this template will suit them all. With its structured code, you can create your site fast and easy.

Your website will have an appealing design. The template allows you to create an about us page and animated counter to introduce your company and to show progress on different projects. Regna template also features a beautifully animated template, on-hover on animation, text-boxes, and animated counter to enhance its beauty. Also, call to action buttons, fixed background images, ghost buttons, and back to the top button which makes the template of choice.