Me & Family - MultiPurpose HTML Bootstrap Template for Free

This bootstrap multipurpose HTML is a flawless and stylish design template built with Bootstrap framework. You can view it with ease in any screen size and any type of devices. Add the information you want to be displayed on your website and Me & Family will do the rest of the work to create an impressive page. It is recommended for building website of different businesses. This is an open-source CSS and JavaScript framework designed by the team at Twitter. It includes CSS and HTML designed for buttons, typography, navigation, forms, and other interface components.

The Bootstrap template makes front-end web development quicker and simpler. The navigation component of this Bootstrap 3.3 template has been simplified to a higher extent. You are required to make a new list of elements using the latest nav base class. It has nav-link class, navigation bar styles and nav-time class. Me & family supports all browsers at all time.